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At Mighty Admins (www.mightyadmins.comwe use cookies in order to deliver the best possible services to our users of our website. In this Cookie Policy (the “Policy”) you can read how we are using cookies.

2.1. A cookie is a data file that a website stores on your IT equipment to collect standard internet log information and visitor behaviour information. The purpose is to recognize the IT equipment and thus observe how you use the website. A cookie is a passive file that can’t collect the information on your computer or spread computer viruses and other harmful programs. Some cookies are only stored on your IT equipment as long as you have your browser open, so-called session cookies. Other cookies are stored on your IT equipment for a longer period of time, so-called persistent/persistent cookies. When you return to a website, the cookie is automatically renewed. Cookies from parties other than the owner of the website are often stored (third-party cookies). These can be cookies with regular content, but also analysis tools and embedded comment fields.
3.1. At, we uses cookies to examine how our users uses our website in order to improve your experience and serve you personalized content and advertising. The information collected are anonymous and can’t be traced to named users.
A full overview of all cookies can be seen by opening cookie setting in the bottom left corner. Here, you can change your cookie setting for our website, and access the privacy policies provided by each service provider.
4.1. First-party cookies

4.1.1. sets first-party cookies, which expires as soon as the browser is closed, for the purpose of:
– Recognize your it-device,
– Record the time are on the website,
– Identify your http queries as you move around on

4.1.2. sets first-party cookies, which is stored for between 30 day to two years and register the following:
– How many times you have visited the website,
– For how long you are on the website,
– If you enter the website through a search engine, keywords or a link,
– If you are a new or recurring visitor.
4.2. Third-party cookies
4.2.1. uses third parties for analytics and marketing purposes. And to do so, we use third-party cookies. These are set once you agree to the use of these cookies.
We use third-party cookies from LinkedIn, Google, WordPress, Piwik PRO, and Microsoft. We only collect data in a compliant way and ensure that the third parties are acting in accordance with legislation.
5.1. Adjustment of cookies

You can at any time adjust your cookie settings on by going to “cookie setting” site.

5.2. Removal and avoidance of cookies
The process for removal and avoidance of cookies depends on the browser used on your device. You may be able to do this through the settings in your browser for each browser you use and each device you use. Please note that if block cookies entirely, our website may not function properly.


6.1. Any amendments and/or modifications to this Policy shall be published on the website of Mighty Admins. Any amendments and/or modifications shall not reduce or otherwise limit the rights of the Customer.