“Nobody puts Company Administration in the corner”
- Kimmie Kubis Tronborg, CEO & Founder.

“Nobody puts Company Administration in the corner”
- Kimmie Kubis Tronborg, CEO & Founder.

Once upon a time, ‘Corporate Services and Business Administration’, also known as ‘Company Administration’, was something Business owners dreaded. It was inconvenient, expensive, and basically – something Business owners kicked to the corner on every possible occasion, as it “was not generating value for the business”.

At least this was the belief, right up until the moment the Auditor came  – sometimes unannounced – asking questions! Or the Business Agency. Or the Tax Authorities… Or the bank… Or the debt Collection Agency

Then utter panic came tumbling over the Business owners! The Business owners started throwing all their money (if they had any left!), after professional consultants, auditors, and lawyers to come and fix their problems – preferably fast – as in Yesterday! And after getting saved by the bell (read: most of the times), by the professionals, many Business owners swear to never put ‘Company Administration” in the corner ever again.

But, like any kid in a candy store, the Business owner’s eye and focus, at some point, fall on something more shiny, more exciting, or “more value-generating for their business”. And in the meanwhile, the requirements of the ‘Company Administration’, including changes in Law and Legislations are growing. This results in a need for more resourceful employees and more time for training and education. And all this is time away from the growing ‘Company Administration’ and from the Business owner’s business. Now suddenly, the Business owners have to deal with leave, vacation, resignations, understaffing, etc. Everything results in another wave of panic, tumbling over the Business owners.

*SIGH’* It’s not easy running a business in these changing and challenging times. Poor Business owners.

The ‘peeps’ behind mighty admins

Changing and challenging times require new measures. It requires full focus and top professional people who prioritize and understand the importance of a high quality ‘Company Administration’ and how such can support the Business owners in the best possible ways – through all situations and conditions.

It requires People who are mighty in their area of expertise and who get a buzz out of doing ‘Company Administration’ as a 1st priority in their workday. People who continue to seek personal and professional development by challenging the status quo and keeping up with the changing times around them.

Basically, it requires people who are mighty at doing Corporate Services and Business Administration – and this was how mighty admins came to life. 

mighty admins was established by Kimmie Kubis Tronborg, with the aim and ambition of offering the best ‘Corporate Services and Business Administration’ on the market.

Even in the universe! The ambition was – and still is – to create a top ambitious Company Administration Consultancy firm, with a strong culture of Professionalism and focus on delivering High Quality Services and creating value (for money) for its customers. A company with a strong belief in Equality and an awareness around the company’s- and its customer’s sustainability and societal impact. Employees who are Passionate about their areas of expertise and who have the wish and understanding of ensuring good Synergy, between themselves, their colleagues, their customers, and their business partners. All of this resulting in the best experience of ‘Company Administration’ for all parties involved.



At mighty admins, it is our ambition to make Corporate Services and Business Administration simple and secure for our customers, so our customers, with peace of mind, can focus and spend their time on other important things in their business.

We focus on ensuring our customers’ companies are run in a legally- and financially sound and responsible manner. And we make sure to hold our customers’ hands when and where necessary.

We ensure our customers do not miss important deadlines with the local authorities, as well as their creditors, employees, and business partners. And we ensure always high quality in our work and deliveries to- and on behalf of our customers.

We strive to create value for our customers by meeting our customers’ needs – and by illuminating the needs the customers did not know they had.

mighty admins is a Corporate Service provider, providing high-quality services within the following Company Administration Functions:

– Finance & Accounting functions 

– Legal and corporate law functions 

– Salary & HR functions

– ESG functions 

– Interim solutions & CFO Services

We believe in digitalization and efficiency and use the market’s best digital solutions to create overview and value, both for our customers and our employees. But we are flexible, and naturally also offer to work in our customers’ own current systems.

Therefore, we consider ourselves as a “ONE STOP SHOP” for our customers, whereby our customers experience fewer business partners, and instead get the experience of one business partner with better synergy between all the company administration functions. This results in our customers getting the experience of a business partner with a more competent insight and understanding of their needs across business functions.


We are a company built by People for People. Therefore, our values naturally have to be linked to the ‘PEEPS’:


We are Professionals.

We are highly qualified specialists and consultants within Corporate Services and Business Administration.

We deliver consistent high-quality services through our skills, experience and digitalization tools.

We believe in Equality (Gender, racial, LGBTQ+, religion).

We believe we can deliver better results and services by coming together with our differences.

We believe that no one should have poorer life chances, because of where they come from, what they believe in, or whether they have a disability.


We want to be frontrunners in Environmental Social Governance (ESG), within Corporate Services and Business Administrator providers.

We believe in strong corporate leadership and governance.

We want to help our customers get awareness around sustainability and societal impact of their company and business.

We want to deliver higher business value and sustain competitive advantage by investing in ESG initiatives as a company and for our customers.

We are Passionate and take pride in our work.

We are Passionate about our customers.

We are Passionate about improving our service offering and ourselves.


We believe in Synergy by working together with our colleagues, our customers, and our business partners, to create something greater than we could have done alone.

We believe in Synergy between our Service offerings and competencies, which results in our ‘One-Stop-Shop’ service offering, of Finance-, Legal-, Payroll- and ESG services.

kimmie kubis tronborg / CEO & founder